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asymmetrical heartbeats

New Mix – Asymmetrical Heartbeats

Asymmetrical Heartbeats This is another 80s mix, but electronic influenced covers and mashups . It’s retro and modern at the same time. Download the “ASYMMETRICAL HEARTBEATS” and run up that hill under the milky way. (click image cover or link above to download from Dropbox)

Squervygroovisticus 2019

New Mix – Squervygroovisticus 2019

Squervygroovisticus 2019 This mix is based on an old cassette mix I made back in the mid-90s. I don’t have any recollection of what songs it contained, but based on the title, it was groovy and rock, so here we go. Download the “SQUERVYGROOVISTICUS 2019” mix 20+ years later and get jammin’.

Makeout Point 90's

New Mix – 90’s Makeout Point

And also, on cover songs… 90’s cover songs are my 2nd guiltiest pleasure. I survived love in the grunge era. Download “90’s Makeout Point” and get down or whatever, I don’t care…I’m not trying to make a statement.

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