The Pulsating Sac Of Sound

Halloween Radio – The Pulsating Sac of Sound – 10/15/20

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Tonight’s indie show is like seven pre-teen outcasts fighting an evil demon who poses as a child-killing clown. Thirty years later, they reunite to stop the demon once and for all when it returns to their hometown. Listen to the Pulsating Sac Of Sound indie radio show Thursdays via Spotify or mp3 download.

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  1. The Pulsating Sac of Sound Halloween Intro 2020
  2. Into Darkness — Scandroid
  3. Visions — Midnight Danger
  4. La Cathedral — Fiero
  5. Temple — Antoni Maiovvi
  6. Golden Taurus — Vercetti Technicolor
  7. Neon Switchblades — Harglow
  8. PSA
  9. Stalker — Mr. Eff
  10. Invasion — Nightcrawler
  11. Blood Machines Theme — Carpenter Brut
  12. Ritualistic Overtones — Timothy J. Fairplay
  13. A Midnight To Die For — Cluster Buster
  14. Hunters — Power Glove
  15. PSA
  16. The Fog — Street Cleaner
  17. Wasteland — Irving Force
  18. The Pulsating Sac of Sound Halloween Intro 2019
  19. Vanish — Destryur & Faith In The Glitch
  20. The Intruder — Perturbato
  21. No Survivors — Makeup and Vanity Set
  22. Darkness — Daniel Deluxe
  23. Satan — Raydar
  24. In The Face Of Evil — Magic Sword
  25. PSA
  26. Unholy Blood — Gregorio Franco
  27. Terror Eyes — Mega Drive
  28. So Cold — Battlejuice
  29. Raven (Version 2) — Morgan Willis
  30. Children of the Night — Lazerhawk
  31. Into the Breach I — OGRE
  32. PSA
  33. Blood Eagle — Ali Renault
  34. The Barrens — Lost Years

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