The Pulsating Sac Of Sound

Indie Radio – The Pulsating Sac of Sound – 12/2/15

Indie Radio – The Pulsating Sac of Sound on WBOR 91.1FM

Tonight’s show is chock full ‘o new indie music. It’s a lot like a kid getting pulled into a magical book that ends up saving the world and a princess with a flying dog dragon. Listen to the the Pulsating Sac Of Sound indie radio show from 6:30-8:30pm EST tonight, in and around Brunswick, Maine, or listen online at

1 The Pulsating Sac of Sound Intro 2015 #2
2 Days & More Nights A Sunny Day in Glasgow  indie radio pulsating sac of sound
3 See My Friends Michael Groves
4 Liquid Onyx JEFF The Brotherhood
5 Gentle and Soft The Blue Jean Committee
6 Chinese Watermelon Pink Lung (White Lung x Pink Mountaintops)
7 Bridge and the Wall Elohim
9 Denny’s Owen Rabbit
10 Kidney Donation PSA
11 Lime Habit POLIÇA
12 Wild Saltwater Sun
13 Floaty Feeling, Blue Weekender
14 Lioness YUM YUCK
15 Shock Me BARONESS
16 Water Ra Ra Riot & Rostam
17 Holiday Surf Friends
18 San Diego Hinds
19 Hell The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
20 5 Minute Dream Girl Mystic Braves
21 We Saw The Moon Hearts Of Black Science
22 Don’t You Want My Love Pollyn
23 The Chew Black Moth Super Rainbow
24 That’s Why The Cave Singers
25 That Is That Half Japanese
26 Nice Night Mass Gothic
27 Wildlife Land Trust PSA
28 In Love and Alone Public Access TV
29 T.I.W.Y.G. Savages
30 Wall Watcher Sunflower Bean
31 Dog Park Ernie
32 Such Is The House Jarbird
33 Business Interruptus Rob Crow
34 Sick Girl ABRA

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