The Pulsating Sac Of Sound

Pulsating Sac of Sound – Indie College Radio – 7/15/15

Tonight’s show is like a space traveling alien visiting earth to eat Dutch apple pie and knock up barren women. Listen to the The Pulsating Sac Of Sound from 6:30-8:30pm EST tonight, in and around Brunswick, Maine, or listen online at

1 The Pulsating Sac Of Sound Promo 2015  

2 Confusion White Poppy
3 Journey Ecstatic Vision
4 Low Hanging Fruit Lushes
5 If Death Ever Slept Destruction Unit
6 Southbound Smooth Ends
7 Deicide Crystal Castles
8 River Of Longing Blank Realm
9 Fire Safety PSA  
10 The March Kone
11 The Same Rush Midnight
12 Dreams Trust Fund
13 Worms Aye Nako
14 Gunga Din The Libertines
15 Let It Happen Tame Impala
16 Sheila White Reaper
17 Addition No Devotion
18 Yes All Cops Worriers
19 Across The Sea Gliss
20 Complexity EODM
21 Wildflower Beach House
22 Naomi Flaamingos
23 Still Warm The KVB
24 No Views Blank Realm
25 Holy Mountain Best Friends
26 Discover The Forest PSA  
27 The Buzz Banger (Original Mix) Fake Brit
28 Silent Kill Radioactivity
29 The Fringe Sego
30 Why Wait Shopping
31 Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? – (Do the) Sha-mala-in VILD
32 Hold Me Closer Yuck
34 You You Pleasure Leftists
35 Oh Baby Micachu & The Shapes