The Pulsating Sac Of Sound

Pulsating Sac of Sound – Halloween Radio – 10/14/15

Tonight’s show is like an alien that crash lands in the arctic and uses human bodies as replicated hosts to spread it’s seed. Listen to the The Pulsating Sac Of Sound (if you DARE!) from 6:30-8:30pm EST tonight, in and around Brunswick, Maine, or listen online at

1 WBOR Halloween Station ID 2011 DJ Throatslice  PSOS-Promo-Halloween-2015-Thing-web
2 Prologue – Welcome to Creepshow John Harrison
3 Evil House Of Forbidden Fruits Mater Suspiria Vision
4 First Evil Grinderman
5 The Wasteland (Penthouse Remix) Chelsea Wolfe
6 Deep in the Woods The Herbaliser
7 Temporal Vessels Tropic of Cancer
8 Creepin Dr. Who Dat?
9 National Safety Council PSA (starring Garfield) PSA
10 Funeral Bell Midnight
11 No More (Soft Metals Remix) Mushy
12 A Tenebrous Vision Evoken
13 Dance of the Deadbeat Free the Robots
14 Castle of Doom Depth Charge
15 The Lords Theme John 5 & Griffin Boice
16 Lost Crim3s
17 Wolf Dub The Count of Monte Cristo
18 American Horror Story Theme Song Cesar Davila-Irizarry and Charlie Clouser
19 The Re-Animation of Scottie Dawn Day Night
20 Phantom Power TRS-80
21 Bob’s Shadow (Cevin) Key
22 Bad Moon Rising (Cover) [feat. Peter Dreimanis] Mourning Ritual
23 Theme from Diabolique In Death It Ends
24 Let the Sky Burn (Silent Servant Remix) Youth Code
25 Halloween Safety PSA PSA
26 L O M A J ΛýštoN
27 Bela Lugosi’s Dead Red Axes
28 Tomb Gatekeeper
29 Intruders Return Elitechnique
30 Creeper MG
31 Amber Decay kangding ray
32 The Hanged Man Wretched Asylum
33 Orbit Theme – Coven Patrick Nettesheim


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