The Pulsating Sac Of Sound

Pulsating Sac of Sound – Halloween Radio – 10/28/15

Tonight’s show is DOUBLE THE HORROR! It’s like a toxic barrel of nuclear ooze turning you into a zombie so you crave BRAAAAAINSSSS! #HAPPYHALLOWEEN Listen to the The Pulsating Sac Of Sound Halloween Radio (if you DARE!) from 6:30-8:30pm EST tonight, in and around Brunswick, Maine, or listen online at

1 Pulsating Sac Of Sound Halloween Intro 2015  PSOS-Promo-2015-Return-Living-Dead
2 Bela Lugosi’s Dead The 69 Cats
3 Vortex (Uniform Remix) John Carpenter
4 Pet Sematary Midwinter
5 Halloween Theme (Boogieman Hip-Hop Mix) Boogie Heights
6 Wicked Insane Evil Dub Tino
7 Howl At the Moon Wolfwolf
8 Opening Titles – F13, Pt. III Harry Manfredini
9 National Safety Council PSA (starring Garfield) PSA
10 My New Christ Suicide Commando
1 In the Name of Violence Hocico
12 This Is Not a Dream John Carpenter & Alan Howarth
13 Devilwolf All Hell
14 The Ghoul Pentagram
15 Cervix Couch (One By One) [Spahn Ranch Mix] Christian Death
16 Red Right Hand Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
18 Pentagram Painted On Attic Wall zyxz
19 Bad Moon Rising Mourning Ritual
20 Th3y Sp0k3 (F0r3sT Sp1r1T Ed1T) V▲LH▲LL
21 Vampire Endless Dismal Moan
22 Moon of a Wolferian Shadow Decayed
23 Intro Celestial Bloodshed
24 Muscina Stabulans Black Putrefaction
25 Crime Prevention Halloween Ad Council – McGruff
26 For Death Holds No Dreams Vomit Orchestra
27 The Arcane Light Of Hecate Necromantia
28 Deathgasm Bulletbelt
29 Tomb Sweet Tomb Messer Chups
30 Theme to an Imaginary Spook Show The Jeano Roid Experience
31 Welcome Home King Diamond
32 IxC999 White Ring
33 Happy Halloween DJ Throatslice
34 Diabolik Boogie Messer Chups
35 Rubber Suit Pink Anvil
36 Spider Baby Fantomas
37 Pet Semetary The Ramones
38 This Is Halloween Dot Dot Curve
39 The House On The Hill The Mummies
40 Don’t Laugh Winx
41 Satan

Orbital & Kirk Hammett

42 Cursed Oneiroid Psychosis
43 Halloween Misfits
44 The Munsters’ Theme Table Scraps
45 Halloween Luke Vibert
46 Blood Sucker Umberto & Maiovvi
 47 Dead Of Night 20SIX Hundred